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YouMeSign designs and makes solutions to help businesses better communicate with Deaf people in every day situations.

More than 10 million people* in the UK population is deaf or hard of hearing and many of these people find it difficult to access services or buy goods from shops, bars, restaurants and libraries.

Our products help managers and make their services accessible to Deaf people, which leads to increased sales and improved customer relations for your business.

Please see our Product Range and contact us to find out how we can help you.

“I met Segun about 18 months ago in the pub and he asked about the BSL bar runners. I was interested because we had blind people in the old pub and the menu’s were changed into Braille for the blind customers.

They were cost effective and both staff and customers use them and now all the customers are learning how to sign. We use them mainly at the weekend but I think all pubs should have at least on BSL bar runner, they are a brilliant idea and should be used by all the breweries. ”

Graham Rowsone, The Black Horse Pub, Preston.

“YouMeSign have provided me with bar bar runners with basic sign language to help my team communicate better with the deaf community. The bar runners have created an interest in my team to want to learn to communicate better with the deaf community and the bar runners are a great tool and point of reference for them to do that.

When quiet they look at the images and practice signs and when using the signs get great feedback from the deaf community because my teams are making an effort to interact with them.”

Karen, Manager, The Guild Pub, Preston.