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YouMeSign produces a range of effective customisable products. Please take a look at our range below, and if you have any special requirements for your business contact us for a free consultation.

YouMeSign provides a unique range of products and services that allows both Deaf and Hearing people to communicate more effectively. The products are simple, effective and easy to use and can be used in a range of environments including: libraries, pubs and restaurants, hospitals, public / private transport, shops, education & training facilities and offices.

Our main aim is to improve Deaf peoples access to all public services by supporting businesses to make small but effective changes to their communications strategy. By doing this YouMeSign hopes to improve communication in all public places and improve the quality of service received by Deaf people.

  • Mouse Mat

    Mouse Mat

    The Mouse Mats are designed to be used in office and reception environments. They are not only a practical everyday item found in offices but also provide an easy to use reference for receptionists and front of house staff who may encounter deaf customers. The mats are designed with greeting and phrases using basic BSL. YouMeSign works with your business to determine the most commonly used and useful phrases to ensure the best possible communication with any Deaf customers.

  • Bar runner

    Bar runner

    This bar runner is a practical item used to help bar staff improve communication Deaf people at the bar. Drinks, snacks and food items are printed in the bar runner using basic BSL. Staff can effortlessly build up knowledge of basic sign language Or simply use the bar runner as a reference when serving Deaf customers. Not only is this a high quality bar runner but it has a dual purpose of improving communication between the business and its customers.

    YouMeSign can cater for all brewery chains or independent public houses.

    “At O’Neill’s we have used the bar runners for quite a while now and have found that as well as helping our bar staff communicate with deaf customers, they have also generated a lot of interest from people within the hearing community. The information on them is specifically relevant to the bar trade and tailored to meet our needs perfectly.”

    Ian Blease, Assistant Manager, O’Neills.

  • Pocket Guide

    Pocket Guide

    The pocket Guide is a small business card size communication guide. It has printed BSL vocabulary and phrases, which can be carried in a pocket ready for use in any situation with a Deaf person. This product is ideal for non-office based staff such as drivers, out-door workers, traveling staff or door / security workers. The pocket guide is simply and easy to use for staff and will help them to carry out their duties more effectively with Deaf customers.